Friday, October 28, 2011

Cross Hairs

As many of us are aware, a new plan for changing the face of the British Columbia Education system was unveiled today.  And while I only was able to spend a few minutes looking at it (and a couple of minutes to watch the video), I am excited about some possibilities of the plan by Minister Abbott.

The paper highlights building on the strengths of our current system in BC such as staying solid on the basics and incorporating more real-world skills.  It outlines the importance of good teaching and the necessity for a flexible and adaptable curriculum and method of delivery.   It hints at ideas for districts in terms of creating school calendars and schedules that best meet the needs of the students in their districts.  It stresses high standards.  And finally, it discusses the importance of technology-empowered learning.

Of course there are many details that need to be filled in.  Of course people will wonder 'where is the money coming for this?', 'will I be inserviced?' or 'where will we find the time?' Of course there will be the general cry of 'what does all of this mean?'.  Of course there will be questions and more questions from that answers to those questions.

But it is a START.  We keep talking about the changes that need to be made to our education system, and I am going into the forthcoming discussions about this new plan for BC Education excited and with a positive attitude.  I want to be involved in how this will roll out in our school, our district and perhaps in our province.  The plan has some potential to move BC Education in a very positive direction.

As students, teachers, parents, administrators, district staff, community members and policy makers that all have a stake in the BC Education System, I hope that we can collectively give the new BC Education Plan some time to be fleshed out.  By approaching something with a positive and proactive approach rather than instantly putting it in the cross hairs, I think the collective experience and wisdom of our partners in BC can turn this plan into the true jumping off point that it seems to have the potential to be.

It's Friday!


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