Thursday, December 16, 2010

The reason why...

Early mornings.
Late nights.
Two minute lunch breaks.
Endless meetings.
Reluctant learners.
Tough parent phone calls.
Complicated problems.
Sleepless Sundays before staff meetings.
Constricting policies.
Insufficient resources.
Tight budgets.
Difficult conversations.
Withdrawing a student.
Dealing with hardship and poverty.
Coping with tragedy.

These are some of the things that each of us have to deal with when we are at our schools.  It can be messy, non-linear, chaotic, and continuous.  But the reason that I do what I do each day is because I have daughters.  They are young, and not yet in school.  But they are coming into the education system in which I work.  In which WE work. 

So despite all of these things that come at us at a blinding pace on a daily basis, I am a Principal because I believe that I can make a difference.  And I believe that YOU can make a difference, and together, WE will make a difference to this education system.  And we will make a difference to each one of the students that are out there.  Including my daughters.  And if you ever doubted how important daughters are to their dads, and how important dads are to their daughters, please watch the following (Kleenex required).

That's why I do what I do.  It's my reason, and I know that you have a similar passion for why you do what you do. And while all those things that make our job difficult can drag you down, it all pales in comparison to the reason we do what we do.

So on behalf of my daughters, I say "thank you" in advance for all that you do and why you do it.


  1. Cale, there is no need for a long-winded comment on this one as you blog speaks for itself. As a new father, this was perfect timing. SO from me to you... thank you.

  2. There is a phrase about being a parent that goes something like this "The days are long but the years are short." Thanks for sharing this!


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